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Specifying Foresmate plywood boards

A sustainable and adaptable material, plywood may be utilized for a variety of purposes, including formwork casting, structural building, and inventive interior design projects. Regarding technical performance, Foresmate plywood provides a multitude of choices about panel weight, sizes, surface treatments, thicknesses, and grades. We can assist you if you are unsure about the plywood boards items to select.

The film faced plywood and birch used in all Foresmate plywood products come from forests that are properly managed. It is certain to be a safe, sustainable, and renewable option for you, assisting in lowering the project’s carbon footprint by providing the required paperwork. Allow us to assist you in choosing the best Foresmate plywood product for your requirements now.

For plywood boards, film faced plywood or birch plywood?

Two types of wood are available for foresmate plywood: film faced birch plywood, a softwood, and birch, a hardwood. Additionally, we provide plywoods that blend the greatest features of film faced plywood and birch plywood.

While film faced plywood performs well in load-bearing building applications including floors, walls, and roofs, birch plywood is best suited for demanding industrial applications and interiors.

Film faced birch plywood is robust, lightweight, and resistant to breaking. Film faced plywood is physiologically resilient because to its closed wood structure; it can survive varying weather conditions on building sites and in packing applications.

The beauty of birch plywood boards are well-known. But birch plywood is ideal for tough industrial applications like trailer flooring and formwork, where bending is prohibited even under enormous loads. This is because of its exceptional strength, stiffness, and dimensional correctness. Additionally, it is the finest option for transportation usage when all three are crucial due to its ideal mix of strength, weight, and density.

Film faced plywood is the material of choice for those seeking the finest possible weight-to-strength ratio. Choose birch if you need a light material that is sturdy and exact in terms of dimensions. Regardless, all plywood panels offer an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

There are other plywood variants that blend the greatest attributes of film faced plywood boards and birch plywood. Veneers of birch provide the panel strength, while veneers of film faced plywood boards give it light weight. The panel’s surface is even and appealing thanks to the birch face veneers.

For usage indoors or outside?
Every FORESMATE plywood product is M1-certified, regardless of whether it has been treated to be water-repellent, fire-retardant, or for another purpose. The certification designates the construction materials as low-emission, which means that they are safe to use in houses and other permanent structures.

Particularly the film faced plywood, FORESMATE goods are biologically robust, and almost all of them are joined with weather-resistant adhesive. They do not, however, enjoy much rain. Consequently, we advise covering any outside, even roofed, portion of a structure with an appropriate coating or other covering.

Because of its smooth and even surface, birch plywood is frequently the best option for furniture and interior building. Although film faced plywood boards appears more vibrant on the surface, it is technically more appropriate for interior building projects.

Natural properties and performance of plywood

Film Faced Birch Plywood

Plywood Grade

When selecting plywood for your specific application, consider factors such as appearance, structural strength, durability, and cost to choose the most appropriate grade for your needs. Additionally, ensure that the plywood meets relevant industry standards and regulations for your intended use.

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birch plywood is relatively durable compared to some other wood products, its biological durability can be influenced by factors such as wood species, preservative treatments, adhesive quality, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance can help ensure that birch plywood performs well and maintains its structural integrity over time.



Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and certifications like as FSC and CE2+ support the sustainability of Foresmate plywood. The extensive accreditation attests to the high caliber, responsible sourcing from sustainably managed forests, and environmental management of Foresmate plywoods. Additionally, plywood complies with EU Timber Regulations, is certified ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, and has TUV authentication

waterproofness birch plywood

Water resistance

The water resistance performance of birch plywood is typically determined by factors such as the type of adhesive used in its construction and any additional treatments or coatings applied to the plywood surface.

Sizes, thicknesses, and weights

Sizes, thicknesses, and weights

Larger sizes and custom thicknesses are available upon request for WISA birch and film faced birch plywood, which is available in a range of conventional widths and thicknesses. The large selection of panel sizes ensures speedy and simple installation for building applications, and the lightweight design reduces handling, transportation, and emissions.

Mandatory declarations for plywood in construction

Mandatory declarations for plywood in construction

All CE-marked building materials must have a product-specific Declaration of Performance (DoP) drawn up by the manufacturer, which provides detailed technical specifications and properties of the product. Similarly, all labelled building materials must have a Declaration of Conformity (DoC). These are provided for all Foresmate plywood products.

Foresmate plywood’s technical performance

No matter what type of Foresmate plywood you decide to use, you can rely on its performance. There is no need  to buy anything “extra”. If a surface will be covered, appearance does not matter. And the same goes for thicknesses. You can trust Foresmate plywood to perform as promised.

You can find the manufactured standard thicknesses and panel sizes of each product in our product catalogue. Find the detailed technical performance, on the DoP Declaration of Performance (DoP) reference list and, for the UK, in the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) documents.

Foresmate plywood offers various products tailored to specific needs. Tongued and grooved panels are, for example, suitable for floors, rough-surfaced panels with non-slip properties are designed for roofs, while fire-retardant panels meet stringent fire regulations. Other options include water-repellent panels and biocide-treated panels.

Foresmate plywood provides a range of goods suited to certain requirements. For example, tongued and grooved panels work well for flooring, rough-surfaced panels with anti-slip qualities are meant for roofs, and fire-retardant panels adhere to strict fire safety standards. Water-repellent panels and panels treated with biocide are other alternatives.

The ecological attributes of Foresmate Plywood

A product’s environmental effect at various phases of its life cycle is detailed in an environmental product declaration, or EPD. It is based on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and makes it easier to choose construction items by comparing the environmental effects of various materials and comparable products. The environmental effects of acquiring, producing, and transporting plywood raw materials as well as the building, using, dismantling, and disposing of demolition trash are all considered in the life cycle evaluation of Foresmate plywood boards .

You, as the contractor, builder, or designer, may more accurately determine the environmental effects of building materials and products as well as the carbon footprint of a structure when you have access to comprehensive EPDs for our Foresmate plywood products.

EPDs are not yet required, however applying for BREEAM environmental certification with data from the EPDs rather than spreadsheets already earns you bonus points. The standard governing environmental declarations for building materials (EN 15804 and product group regulations) serves as the foundation for the EPDs for Foresmate plywood products.

particular to a product EPDs combat greenwashing successfully by openly confirming the effects of items on the environment. The EPDs are confirmed by a third party and made public. Although they are optional, their effects on building construction and design are becoming more and more significant.

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