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Foresmate – Birch Plywood Sheet

1 2 inch baltic birch plywood

Birch Plywood Sheet Describe

Foresmate is committed to the production of high quality birch plywood, our birch plywood has a light, uniform color and fine texture pattern, Birch Plywood Sheet is light in weight, but the strength and rigidity compared to other types of plywood, it can withstand heavy loads, and is not easily warped or bent, so it is most suitable for structural uses and load-bearing applications such as roofing, roofing, etc. Flooring, siding, packaging and joinery. Foresmate Group offers a wide range of sizes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes (see table below)

Foresmate meets the requirements of E0,E1 low formaldehyde emission rating. We accept 30% deposit, and deliver the remaining 70% balance after the third-party quality inspection is qualified (contact customer service for details)

Surface and edges

Foresmate’s Birch Plywood Sheet is available in different grades, with different variations in the number of layers, veneer quality and finish. These grades are usually labeled “B”, “BB”, “C”, “CP”, and “WG”, where “B” is the highest quality and “WG” has more defects.

Plywood Panel size

  • 1220X2440mm
  • 1250X2500mm
  • 1525x1525mm
  • 1525x3050mm

The finished plywood will be hot pressed two or three times, and the price varies depending on the process, please consult Foresmate for details

Plywood Thicknesses and weights

Nominal thickness 
​Thickness (mm) ​Weight (kg/m2) abt ​
54.8 – 5.6     – 2.6
9​8.8 – 9.5​4.1 – 4.5
12​11.5 – 12.5​5.5 – 6.4
15​14.3 – 15.3​6.8 – 7.3
18​17.1 – 18.1​8.6 – 8.7
21​20.0 – 20.9​9.7 – 10.3
24​22.9 – 23.7​11.0 – 11.0
27​25.2 – 26.812.0​ – 13.3
30​28.1 – 29.9​        – 14.5

Other thicknesses (up to 50 mm) and sizes (up to 3050mm) are available upon request.

5mm birch plywood
9mm birch plywood
12 birch plywood
15mm birch plywood
18mm birch plywood
21mm birch plywood
24mm birch plywood
27mm birch plywood
30mm birch plywood sheet