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The natural wood birch plywood

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Different Grades

Such as B, BB, C, CP, WG Grade.The grades are determined by the quality of the surface and the number of knots and other faults in the wood.

Custom cut size
Custom cut size

Our standard size is 4’x8′,4’x9′,however, our custom service means we can produce any thickness, length, colour or finish of your choice

Wood Core Options
Wood Core Options

As a plywood manufacturer in China, we have multiple choices in terms of plywood core material and grades. In China, poplar is the cheapest core veneer.

Customize thickness
Customize thickness

By choosing the appropriate thicknesses, you may make the end product much easier to put together and potentially save some future hassles.


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1.4 +
Million m³ of
wood panels per year
Percent birch veneer
80 +
Countries purchasing
variations of
sizes and thicknesses

Leading Manufacturer

In 80 countries, our goods have won confidence. They are employed in the building of skyscrapers, Olympic facilities, freight trailers and high-speed trains, eco-furniture, and elegant interiors.


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Environmental and product safety documents may be accessed on the English main site.