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Birch Plywood WG/WG

Birch Plywood WG/WG

“Whole-piece Face Grade” (WG) and “Whole-piece Back Grade” (WG) refer to Birch plywood with a high-quality finish on both sides. The plywood has a smooth, homogeneous finish that is free of knots, patches, and other flaws that may jeopardise its aesthetic or structural integrity.


Birch veneer plywood The terms “WG/WG” refer to birch plywood with a high-quality finish on both sides, also known as “Whole-piece Face Grade” (WG) and “Whole-piece Back Grade” (WG). This indicates that the plywood has a smooth, consistent finish on both sides, free of knots, patches, or other imperfections that would impair its look or structural integrity.

Birch Plywood WG/WG is manufactured by glueing together pieces of Birch veneer with alternate grain directions. This imparts strength and longevity to the plywood, as well as its particular grain pattern. Birch Plywood WG/WG has a high strength-to-weight ratio, is rigid, and is resistant to warping and breaking.

The WG/WG grading system indicates that the plywood is of good quality and appropriate for a variety of uses such as furniture manufacture, cabinets, interior design, and construction. The smooth, uniform finish allows the inherent beauty of the birch grain to shine through, making it popular for projects where aesthetics is vital.

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