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Customize thickness for 4×8 plywood sheet

What is the customize thickness of a sheet of plywood

Plywood is most commonly offered in 4′ x 8′ sheets, but it is also available in 4′ x 9′ or 4′ x 7’sheets.

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Hardwood plywood

Hardwood boards are often available in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and 18mm.

While 3-ply hardwood boards are excellent for interior applications, 5-ply boards are suitable for outdoor applications, and 9mm 7-ply boards are recommended for heavy-duty load-bearing applications such as framing and roofing.

Softwood plywood

The general-purpose softwood plywood used for home renovation and DIY projects, on the other hand, is a 3mm thick 5-ply board.

Chart showing the actual customize thicknesses of common types of plywood

Nominal ThicknessActual Thickness (inches)Actual Thickness (mm)Plywood No.of Plies
1/87/643 mm3 ply
1/47/326 mm5 ply
3/811/329 mm7 ply
1/215/3212 mm9 ply
5/819/3215 mm11 ply
3/423/3218 mm13 ply
7/813/1622mm15 ply
115/1625mm17 ply
1-1/81-1/828 mm19 ply

Thickness Chart

Panel3 mm6mm9mm12mm15mm18mm22mm25mm28mm
Fancy plywood

Selecting the Right Plywood Thickness

ApplicationRecommended Plywood Thickness
Walls Sheathing3/8″ to 1/2″
Roof Sheathing1/2″ to 5/8″
Sub-Flooring5/8″ or 23/32″ for OSB
CNC CuttingAccording to the machining capability of your router
Laser Cutting3/16″ for 20W diode laser

Choose your desired thickness

3mm,5mm,6mm,9mm,12mm,15mm,16mm,17mm,18mm,25mm birch plywood

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