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3/4 baltic birch plywood Marine Grade Plywood Full Sheets 4×8

Our manufacturing process is a symphony of innovation and expertise. Equipped with cutting-edge machinery and guided by the skilled hands of our artisans, each sheet of plywood undergoes a rigorous journey of transformation. From the initial selection of raw materials to the final inspection, every step is executed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that only the highest caliber products bear the Foresmate seal of approval. On all of our plywood sheet, we provide a comprehensive cutting and edging service. If you want your sheets trimmed to size,please send us a message


3/4 baltic birch plywood Marine Grade Plywood Full Sheets 4×8

3/4 Birch plywood is a kind of wood-based board made of veneers with different texture directions. The adjacent veneer textures are usually at 90° angles to each other. The structure is mostly odd layers, and in special cases, it is also made into 4 layers, 6 layers and other even layers. Because of its small deformation, large format, convenient construction, not easy warping, transverse tensile strength and other characteristics, plywood is widely used in furniture, carriages, shipbuilding, military, packaging and other industrial sectors.

foresmate 3 4 baltic birch plywood Marine Grade Plywood Full Sheets 4x8

Birch plywood material:

It is a three-layer or multi-layer plate-like material made of wood segments cut into veneer or thin wood cut by wood square planing, and then glued with adhesive, usually with odd layers of veneer, and the fiber direction of adjacent layers of veneer is vertically glued to each other. 3/4 baltic birch plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture, is a kind of wood-based board. A group of veneers is usually formed by gluing each other vertically according to the direction of adjacent layers of wood grain, and usually the surface plate and the inner plate are evenly arranged on both sides of the central layer or the core of the board.  A slab made of gelled veneers crisscrossed in the direction of wood grain and pressed under heated or unheated conditions.

Birch plywood specifications:

The length and width of birch plywood specifications will be slightly different because the manufacturer is different, but generally there will be 1220×2440mm, 1220×1830mm, 1525x1525mm,915×1830mm, 915×2135mm these several, according to the needs of use, you can choose different length and width plywood. The thickness is determined by the number of layers of the bonded plate, in addition to the surface plate, the more layers of the inner plate configuration, the thicker the thickness.  From the thickness to classify plywood, it can be roughly divided into 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18mm, 21mm, 30mm, 40mm and other categories. When processing different furniture, boards of different thicknesses will be used, and of course their market prices are not the same.

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How about 3/4 baltic birch plywood:

Advantages of birch plywood: Plywood is constructed with layers of wood bonded together at right angles, which is its strength. This layered plant resists warping, cracking, and twisting, making it ideal for use in construction. In addition to its strength, plywood is similar to a complete wood species, which makes it ideal for boards made much cheaper as a finishing sheet material.

Disadvantages of birch plywood: The layered effect of 3/4 baltic birch plywood makes it porous and susceptible to water damage over time if exposed. When plywood becomes heavy and wet, it should be wrapped to reduce the risk of water damage.

3 4 baltic birch plywood

Our 3/4 baltic birch plywood can be made into UV finishes. Unlike other suppliers, our birch plywood will not leave watermarks and the layers are clear.

What sets our 3/4 baltic birch plywood apart is not just its impeccable craftsmanship, but also its versatility. Designed to meet the demands of modern furniture design, this plywood serves as the ideal canvas for creative expression. Its smooth surface and uniform texture provide the perfect backdrop for a wide range of finishes, from sleek lacquers to warm wood stains, allowing designers and craftsmen to bring their vision to life with ease.

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