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Teak veneer

Teak veneer is a popular choice for projects like interior design, flooring, and furniture. To create a beautiful and durable surface, a thin veneer of teak wood is attached to a foundation material like plywood or MDF. When selecting teak veneer, it’s crucial to consider the grade, which is determined by the strength and appearance of the wood. This article will discuss the various grades of teak veneer as well as their definitions.

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Teak plywood veneer grade catalogue


The highest quality and most expensive grade of teak faced veneer is AAA.  Given that it is constructed from the finest and most consistent teak wood available, it is uncommon and challenging to locate.  With no discernible tone change, the color is even and steady.  There are no knots or burls in the grain pattern, which is straight and even.  There are no obvious flaws, such as splits, cracks, or insect damage, in this grade of teak wood veneer.

High-end furniture, yacht interiors, and other luxurious applications are perfect for AAA quality teak veneer.  It produces a stunning, upscale appearance that is sure to wow.  Large-scale projects frequently choose it because of its easy-to-match consistent color and grain pattern.

Teak veneer
Teak veneer

The next highest quality, AA grade teak veneer, is more widely available than AAA grade.  Even though it could have a tiny color difference or other obvious flaws, the veneer is still of a high caliber.  Although the color’s tone may vary slightly, it is still generally consistent.  Even if there may be a few small burls or irregularities in the grain pattern, overall it is still straight and even.

For furniture and interior design projects where high quality is sought but cost is a factor, AA grade teak veneer is a common option.  It strikes a good mix between quality and price, and it still produces stunning and astounding results.

The least expensive teak veneer is grade A, yet it is still of high quality.  It might have more obvious flaws like splits, knots, or insect damage.  The tone of the hue may vary more, and there may be more burls or irregularities in the grain pattern.  It is still a strong and appealing alternative for many applications, though.

For applications where utility is more essential than beauty, grade teak veneer is a good option.  For shelving or cabinetry, for instance, when the veneer will be hidden by goods or not viewed as frequently, it might be used.  Due to the fact that it is the most economical grade, it is also a suitable choice for individuals on a restricted budget.

The use of teak veneer in flooring, furniture, and interior design projects is beautiful and durable. When selecting teak veneer, it is important to consider the grade, which is defined by the strength and appearance of the wood. In order of cost and quality, AAA is the highest grade, followed by AA and A ratings. Each grade offers a unique blend of quality and price and has its own specific attributes. By being informed of the different grades of teak veneer, you may select the best option for your project and achieve the desired outcomes.

Specifications(Panel Size)

FacesTeak veneer both sides, sanded,Suitable for decorative use
Thickness Tolerance±0.2mm
Surface TreatmentPolished/Non-Polished
Moisture Content6%~9%
Glue emission levelE0, P2, WBP,MR

Teak Plywood Core Construction

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Teak veneer