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Wenge veneer

Wenge is a striking dark, coffee-colored wood with subtle, nearly black streaks that contrast it. Wenge generates big leaves that are ideal for use in architecture because they are straight grained, have a rough texture, and a matte surface. This exceptional wood gives the built environment an exquisite and exotic look.

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Wenge plywood veneer grade catalogue


Dark brown with distinct black veining. Without the proper tools, working with the wood can be quite challenging due to its uneven course texture. a lovely veneer that is widely used by designers and has taken on a very contemporary appearance. looks extremely great with the light colored veneers standing out.

Wenge veneer composite, 1/42′′ in thickness roughly.  It is created from real wood using a coloring and cutting procedure to ensure that every sheet is consistently clean and devoid of the natural flaws that can occur in wood that has not undergone any processing. Like any other veneer, with the exception that the dye in some woods may alter staining. Other than that, a clear finish is fantastic and lighter-colored woods will take stain well. This is more of a design choice rather than necessarily a less expensive one. Ideal projects call for a constant, homogeneous grain and color.

These products are highly well-liked and will remain the same from sheet to sheet and order to order. The product will be accurately depicted in the images. Other sizes, customer projects, and wet or finished veneer may be shown in certain photographs. Unfinished raw wood without any backing makes up the product. There might occasionally be some small, fixable flaws, but when the material is laminated, they should mend well. Another nice feature of this item is the lack of seams. Corrugated fluted ships with end caps. Usually, laminated with wood glues or any other adhesive procedure that is effective with unfinished wood. Not advised: contact cement. The longer direction of the grain.

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Wenge veneer sheet available in a range of sizes and backings. Real wood is used to create composite wood veneers, which are then produced using specialized cutting and coloring techniques to achieve flawless, uniform patterns. One of the appealing characteristics of composite wood veneers, commonly known as “recon” short for reconstituted engineered wood, is that the final product will closely resemble the images. Because it is cheaper than natural wenge, but more crucially because the color and grain pattern are consistent from sheet to sheet, this wood is frequently used as a substitute for wenge. It will take most stains and finishes. There are numerous Wenge veneer patterns to choose from.

Veneer Tech provides you and your clients with Veneer Tech Fineline reconstituted veneers, which come in a wide range of usable sizes and a comprehensive selection of fantastic-looking reconstituted real wood veneers. Modern manufacturing techniques, ethical production practices, and environmental friendliness make Veneer Tech Fineline veneers an excellent option for a variety of real wenge veneer applications.  a synthetic veneer that mimics the range of color, figure, and grain found in real wenge veneer by using veneer layers and natural colorants.

Specifications(Panel Size)

Thickness1.5mm to 40mm
FacesWenge veneer both sides, sanded,Suitable for decorative use
Thickness Tolerance±0.2mm
Surface TreatmentPolished/Non-Polished
Moisture Content6%~9%
Glue emission levelE0, P2, WBP,MR

Wenge Plywood Core Construction

Thickened poplar birch core

Eucalyptus core

Birch core

Poplar core

Wenge veneer