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Bintangor veneer

Although we frequently think of bintangor wood veneer as a typical working material, it is actually a composite material. It is made up of separate wood veneers or plies. The way the plies are assembled makes it incredibly sturdy. Each ply has a grain orientation of 90 degrees with respect to the ply pieces above and below it. Synthetic resin is used to bond the plies, creating an extremely robust composite material. Additionally, plywood is typically made with an odd number of plies. Due to this design, plywood is less likely to warp or split.

Bintangor is a red hardwood that is occasionally written incorrectly as Bingtangor.Plywood from Bintangor is adaptable and reasonably priced. with an excellent smooth finish and a high face grade.

European and American buyers like Bintangor plywood of the B/BB, BB/CC grade (or equivalent quality), which is suitable for furniture construction and decoration.B/BB, BB/CC Bintangor plywood’s face and back veneers are spotless and devoid of obvious flaws.

Bintangor veneer is a wonderful option for constructing and decorating furniture as well as for usage in outdoor building.

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Bintangor plywood veneer grade catalogue


Bintangor veneer faced plywood sheet

Bintangor works well for sawing, but planing and milling demand extreme attention because the surfaces are vulnerable to tearing owing of the uneven grain. For screwing and nailing, predrilling is necessary. Good to medium bonding.

Plywood of the type known as “bintangor” is frequently manufactured in Vietnam. Thin layers of wood are placed parallel or at a 90-degree angle and then bonded together to form plywood. Following that, a layer of pink-brown veneered Bintangor wood is added, and according on the customer’s preferences, Bodhi or Bintangor is used to bond the rear layer. Plywood from Bintangor, Vietnam, is frequently utilized in the construction of boats, furniture, and exteriors.

Asia is home to the red hardwood species known as bintangor, which is unique to southern Vietnam. With a trunk diameter of more than 40 cm and a height of 20 to 25 meters, bintangor is a medium-sized tree. Bintangor is categorized as Group V Wood in Vietnam, which is composed of medium-density wood that is frequently used in the creation of furniture and is grouped with other valuable trees.

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A type of red hardwood is called bintangor. It is a hardwood tree with a 30 meter height potential. Their exterior sapwood is golden, yellow-brown, or orange, occasionally with a pink tinge, and they have a propensity to grow very quickly. The inner heartwood is red-brown to pale reddish in color. Plywood has been produced from the wood and has been used to construct boats, floors, and furniture. Bitangor or bintangor are two names under which bintangor wood may be offered. Bintangor veneer with rotary cuts feature lovely grains. Bintangor is typically the face and back veneers of plywood because of this.

Some clients favor the Bintangor veneer plywood in the B/BB and BB/CC grades. The veneers of B/BB’s face and back and BB/CC’s The plywood made by Bintangor is clear and free of visible flaws. Plywood from bintangor is a wonderful option for creating furniture and for decorating.

Bintangor wood material has a lovely appearance and excellent shine; The wood’s delicate and small wooden structure also makes it simple to achieve stunning paint effects while painting. Additionally, it has a high level of corrosion resistance.

Fine rose red to reddish brown stripes can be found on bintangor plywood, along with vivid chicken wing motifs. It is highly well-liked by customers and has a really lovely wood texture.

Specifications(Panel Size)

FacesBintangor veneer both sides, sanded,Suitable for decorative use
Thickness Tolerance±0.2mm
Surface TreatmentPolished/Non-Polished
Moisture Content6%~9%
Glue emission levelE0, P2, WBP,MR

Bintangor Plywood Core Construction

Thickened poplar birch core

Eucalyptus core

Birch core

Poplar core

Bintangor veneer