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plywood board Industrial Final Applications

Industrial Final Applications

Plywood board offers a high-quality, renewable material for demanding industrial applications, ranging from LNG tankers and parquet to furniture and flooring for vehicles.

Plywood board is a popular material choice for a variety of industrial end uses where structural integrity is essential due to its strength, adaptability, and affordability. Foresmate plywood board comes in a variety of unique size and structural options that enhance your cost, material, and energy efficiency, from trailers, trucks, and LNG carriers to upholstered furniture and three- and two-layered parquets.

The raw wood used to make Foresmate plywood board comes from forests that are ethically managed. It is a safe, eco-friendly material that can be recycled with ease and is prepared to lower the carbon emissions of your project. It’s renewable, unlike other materials that can be used for the same purpose. In forests that are sustainably maintained, more trees are always planted than taken down.

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In addition to being sustainable, durable, and safe, Foresmate plywood board products also offer a range of other benefits. Our commitment to responsible choices extends beyond just the materials we use. We prioritise energy efficiency in our manufacturing processes, ensuring minimal waste and emissions. Furthermore, our plywood is not only renewable but also contributes to the preservation of biodiversity. By sourcing wood from responsibly managed forests that practice reforestation, we actively support the growth and maintenance of diverse ecosystems.

At Foresmate, we understand that sustainability goes hand in hand with quality. That’s why all our plywood board products undergo rigorous testing and hold certifications from independent organisations. These certifications provide assurance to our customers that they are making an environmentally conscious choice without compromising on performance or safety.

Find the appropriate Foresmate plywood product for walls, roofing, interiors, formwork, and casting in industrial scale construction projects.

  • Vehicle Flooring
  • Furniture

Travelling on a robust basis: Road-tested plywood board for vehicle flooring

plywood board is utilised as non-slip flooring as well as structural, assembly-ready plywood components in trailers, lorries, and other commercial vehicles. Foresmate plywood’s outstanding strength-to-weight ratio allows for more payload while using less fuel, making it a cost-effective and ecologically friendly option. Vehicles with robust Foresmate plywood panels have a longer service life.

A diverse choice of durable plywood board products in various structures, widths, thicknesses, and coatings provide trailer and truck builders long-term flooring solutions. Our precise and dependable delivery plans are always developed in consultation with the customer.

birch plywood furniture

Elegance and Endurance: Naturally Durable Furniture.

Plywood’s multi-layered composition results in a robust and rigid base that can resist high use and weight, making it an excellent choice for upholstered furniture manufacturers. We provide a diverse choice of birch and spruce materials, from conventional goods to ready-made components to suit your manufacturing process.

Uncoated Foresmate-Birch plywood is a natural choice for achieving a light, warm, and visually appealing appearance. Because of its unusual structure, Foresmate-Spruce is both lightweight and durable. Both provide a sustainable option for furniture manufacturers and buyers that value quality and environmental responsibility.