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wooden plywood birch core

Wooden Plywood birch core plywood is not the same as the conventional plywood you may be familiar with. Solid one-piece Birch veneer is used in its production, with each ply being produced in the Baltic region of northeastern Europe. Strong interior grade glue holds the cross-banded (alternating grain direction) plys together. As a result, the plywood has remarkable strength and stability in addition to a nice appearance. We offer premium Baltic Birch plywood that is free of glue pockets and voids. No formaldehyde was added.


Wooden plywood Furniture Grade birch plywood panel

Shanghai Techlon Co., Ltd is a Chinese company specializing in the manufacture of birch plywood, which is ideal for various high-decorative and wear-resistant scenarios.

We warmly welcome cooperation with you and will provide customized products according to the specific requirements of customers. If you need further discussion on cooperation details or to learn about our customization services, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Wooden Plywood birch core Specifications

Item Name
Birch Plywood / Birch faced plywood / Full birch plywood / UV birch plywood


915x1830mm,1525x1525mm,1525x3050mm or upon request
2 – 40mm
Surface Treatment
Polished – Both sides sanding
Birch Wood Veneer ,also hardwood for choosing
Birch veneer B,BB,C,CP,WG grade, upon request
Glue emission level
E0, P2, WBP Phenolic glue
Loading Quantity
Payment Terms
TT or L/C
Delivery Time
15 – 20 days

Foresmate’s wooden plywood is a type of hardwood material commonly used in the production of cabinets, shelves, drawers, tables, and other furniture. It has become an excellent substitute for wood due to its resistance to bending and warping. Because of its sturdy surface and birch thickness, it is easier to secure with screws, ensuring a firm hold.

Our birch plywood undergoes over 20 pressing processes, ensuring it does not delaminate, with a smooth surface and minimal thickness deviation. Additionally, we take pictures and videos of sampled products before shipment to ensure quality.

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Wooden plywood



Wooden Plywood has thick exterior veneers that are more durable and difficult to sand through than standard plywood, which has paper-thin veneer on the outside. We offer B/BB quality Birch Plywood sheets in all sizes. Large knots and other flaws are absent from the front side, which is transparent. A few dark streaks and little pin knots are OK. Occasionally, there may be a few football-shaped areas on the back where a knot was cut.

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