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Project Gallery of China Birch Plywood

Project Gallery of China Birch Plywood

Flight case

Flight cases are widely used in the entertainment business to transport fragile instruments and equipment in safety and securely. They are an essential tool …

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Manufacturers of recreational vehicles (RVs) employ plywood structural panels for motor homes, tiny homes, tent trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, vans …

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Use marine-grade birch plywood for boat projects as a general rule because the wood used to create it is of higher quality with fewer patches and smaller voids …

flooring of birch plywood


The China Birch Plywood that you should think about is Baltic birch. Despite not being the most affordable plywood on the market, this plywood is highly strong and long-lasting …

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Birch is less heavy than woods like maple, but it is still very strong, and because of its shock-proofing properties, it is perfect for the loudest of recreational activities.

furniture of birch plywood


Birch plywood is a well-liked fine-grained wood that is frequently utilised in European nations to make cabinets, desks, and shelves, to name just a few among a variety …