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About Wood Veneer

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Using wood veneer or edge banding is referred to by many woodworkers as “giving your work a beautiful skin.” If you’re working with common wood panels like plywood , particle board or MDF, a decorative and fascinating veneer can transform a plain piece into a work of art.

birch veneer

Birch veneer

ash veneer

Ash veneer

maple veneer

Maple veneer

white oak veneer

White oak veneer

red oak veneer

Red oak veneer

beech veneer

Beech veneer

bintangor veneer

Bintangor veneer

cherry veneer

Cherry veneer

fir veneer

Fir veneer

mahogany veneer

Mahogany veneer

pine veneer

Pine veneer

poplar veneer

Poplar veneer

teak veneer

Teak veneer

walnut veneer

Walnut veneer

wenge veneer

Wenge veneer

Wood veneer video show

Not only may the use of veneer improve the appearance of a project, but it also extends the usage of rare, exotic, and often more expensive woods. Wood veneers can be utilised to enhance the appearance of panels, edges, and unique woodworking projects. Shop our veneers, edge banding, and tools, as well as our articles, how-tos, and videos, to get started on your veneering journey!