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Cherry veneer

The American classic cherry! The black cherry tree has a trunk diameter of up to 5 feet and can reach heights of 100 feet. For veneer, only the best cherry logs are used. Below, you’ll find a beautiful collection of curly and other figured cherry veneers that we’re happy to provide. The most appealing cathedral grain is seen in cherry, and it can be seen in ‘flat cut’ veneer and lumber.

Cherry veneer has a delicate, lustrous grain flecked with natural pitch and tiny gum pockets, a satiny finish, and is a classic and attractive choice. The veneer can range greatly in color from pale pink to reddish brown, however it is often darker than European cherry. It creates a lovely cathedral design when flat sliced. It has a beautiful fiddleback or rope figure when figured.

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Cherry plywood veneer grade catalogue


Cherry veneer faced plywood

Thin piece of mahogany veneer laid against heavy paper. High degree of elasticity, simple handling, and ready to be directly glued to any chosen surface.

Wood veneer is an excellent substitute for actual wood and has many uses. This method is effective, for instance, when updating doors, kitchen cabinet doors, or vintage furniture. Utilize veneer for a variety of additional decorative uses.

Flexible sheets, edge banding, and cabinet refacing kits are examples of cherry veneer items. Veneer sheets come in a variety of sizes and backing types. Reconstituted veneer that is environmentally friendly comes in a variety of cut possibilities. They are created from actual, more sustainable wood species that match the joyful appearance. The edge banding is offered in two finishes: untreated and pre-finished with the choice of pre-glue or fleeceback.

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Veneer Factory Outlet offers discounts and deals on cherry veneer sheets.   Create stunning veneered furniture quickly and easily with the help of these cherry veneer sheets!  For streamlined veneering instructions, check out our FAQ, videos, and tutorials!  In an afternoon, complete a stunning project with Cherry veneer. These Cherry veneers are genuine wood, and like with any hardwood surface, they may be sanded, stained, and finished.

The northeastern United States or southeast Canada produce the majority of the cherry veneer used in North America. It is a somewhat pricey material, especially when compared to veneers made of birch or oak. One of the simplest woods to deal with, cherry veneer is valued for its fine grain pattern and deep color. The way the wood was cut and the way the veneer sheets were matched are two things that affect the grain pattern of cherry veneer.

Sheets of cherry veneer During the trimming process, cutoffs are removed from the ends of our full-size veneer sheets.  They are on par with our standard stock in every respect.  The veneers here are genuine wood.  Similar to actual wood, they can be sanded, stained, and polished.  Use contact cement or woodworker’s glue to secure them.  Use a razor knife or scissors to cut and trim.

The cherry veneer sheets are arranged in the order they were cut after being taken from the cherry log. The next step is “matching,” which entails arranging the sheets according to the desired appearance. The book match technique, in which every other veneer sheet is turned over to provide a mirror look, is one of the most popular ones. However, a center balance match or more symmetrical balance may be preferred when working with quarter- or rift-cut cherry. Veneer sheets must be hand-selected and matched in order to produce a beautiful, equal impression when combined.

Specifications(Panel Size)

FacesCherry veneer both sides, sanded,Suitable for decorative use
Thickness Tolerance±0.2mm
Surface TreatmentPolished/Non-Polished
Moisture Content6%~9%
Glue emission levelE0, P2, WBP,MR

Cherry Plywood Core Construction

Thickened poplar birch core

Eucalyptus core

Birch core

Poplar core

Cherry veneer