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Plywood Thick Chart and Sizes Simplified

When you inquire or quote plywood from Foresmate Group, you must clearly state the thickness and size of plywood you will purchase. If the chart does not help you find what you are looking for, you can contact Foresmate for consultation and we will contact you by email or phone within 24 hours.

Plywood Thick

Thickness, mmNumber of layersPlywood Sanded
Nominal ThicknessThickness tolerances, mmThickness variance, mm
331/8”+0,3 | -0,50,6
651/4”+0,4 | -0,50,6
973/8”+0,4 | -0,50,6
1291/2”+0,5 | -0,70,6
15115/8”+0,6 | -0,80,6
18133/4”+0,7 | -0,90,6
27191 1/8”+1,0 | -1,21,0
Customize thickness plywood thick

Standard plywood size

Length and width of plywood sheetsSize tolerances

Foresmate Group’s plywood is made of 1.5mm or 1.7mm wood by double or triple hot pressing according to the quality of the customer’s demand. We use high-quality glue customers can choose different environmental protection grades E0,E1,E2, for different use scenarios and processes. We can provide you with product solutions, if you are interested in our plywood prices, please contact us

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