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30mm birch plywood

30mm Birch Plywood BB Grade measuring 2440mm x 1220mm is a high-quality plywood commonly used in various woodworking projects. The “BB Grade” designation typically indicates that one face of the plywood is of a higher quality, with fewer knots and imperfections, while the other face may have more defects but is still suitable for certain applications. This plywood is thick and sturdy, making it suitable for structural applications where strength and durability are required. It’s often used in furniture making, cabinetry, construction, and other woodworking projects where a premium finish is desired.


30mm Birch Plywood BB Grade 2440mm x 1220mm

Foresmate factory is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, China. We are a leading manufacturer specializing in birch plywood production. Committed to providing high-quality and diversified products, we offer premium services and comprehensive solutions to our customers.

30mm Birch Plywood Specifications

Size 2440mm x 1220mm
Thickness 30mm
Applications Feature walls, For use in cabinets, For use in floors, For use in furniture, For use in wardrobes
Class BS-EN636 Class 3 (suitable for use in Class 1 & 2 humid interior or covered exterior application offering limited resistance to moisture during construction).
Country of origin China
Edging Square
Features Lackarable, Paintable, Varnish & stainable
Finish Veneer finish smooth sanded
Fire rating None
Formaldehyde level E0
Grade BB/BB
Number of layers 17
Product standard Structural
Veneer Commercial grade – both faces are Grade BB – which allows patches and other knots/imperfections, Suitable for all general work, where face grade not overly important.
Weather exposure Exterior (needs to be treated), Interior
Wood species Birch

Birch plywood is a superior wood product known for its lightweight, high strength, wear resistance, and durability. It finds wide applications in construction, furniture manufacturing, packaging, and more. At Foresmate factory, we employ advanced production equipment and stringent quality control standards to ensure that every piece of plywood meets the highest quality requirements.

30mm birch plywood

Our 30mm birch plywood comes in various surface grades including B/B, BB/BB, B/BB, BB/C, BB/CP, each with different appearance characteristics and purposes. Whether you need decorative plywood with an aesthetic appeal or structural plywood with durability, we can meet your specific requirements. Additionally, our 30mm birch plywood comes in a wide range of thicknesses, from 3mm to 40mm, and can be customized according to customer needs.


As a quality-focused enterprise, our products have earned consistent recognition and praise from customers. Our 30mm birch plywood not only boasts exquisite appearance but also reliable quality, with features like minimal delamination and deformation, ensuring a longer service life. Our products undergo rigorous quality inspection and testing, including dimension measurement, thickness testing, moisture content testing, pressure resistance testing, wear resistance testing, etc., to ensure that each piece meets customer requirements.

In addition to product quality, we prioritize customer service and after-sales support. If you are interested in purchasing our products, feel free to contact us to arrange a visit to our factory and view samples. Our sales team is dedicated to providing consultation and assistance, tailoring the most suitable solutions for you. Furthermore, we can provide certifications such as CARB, FSC, CE2+, ensuring that our products meet international standards and environmental requirements.

In summary, Foresmate factory has earned the trust and support of customers through superior quality, excellent service, and professional technology. We will continue to strive for excellence, improve product quality, and enhance service levels to develop together with our customers and create a better future. We look forward to cooperating with you!

Birch plywood is significantly more resistant to warping and bowing than other plywoods, especially in thicker sheets, because of its cross-banded layers of veneer. Long-term use is greatly enhanced by its void-free core, which allows screws to bite and grip with all of their threads, resulting in superior screw holding.

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