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About Birch Plywood

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Full Birch Ply


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Film faced birch ply

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Prefinished Birch plywood

Prefinished Birch ply

Birch Plywood Production Process

The most common grades of 4×8 birch board are B, BB, and C. Grade B ply wood has a smooth and uniform appearance with minimal defects, while grade BB timber may have some visible knots and defects. Grade C plywood has a more rustic appearance and may have more visible defects.

4×8 birch ply is a versatile and strong material that can be used in a wide range of projects. Its strength, durability, and uniform appearance make it a popular choice for furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and DIY projects. When choosing 4×8 birch panel for your project, be sure to consider the grade, thickness, and application of the ply wood board to ensure that it’s suitable for your needs. With the right care and maintenance, your baltic birch plywood project will look beautiful and last for years to come.

Foresmate Birch Plywood Production Line

China Foresmate’s sheet is a high-quality material that is widely used in the furniture manufacturing industry.