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Construction projects and commercial building

Construction projects and commercial buildings

Plywood is a superior building material for functional, healthy, and environmentally friendly construction.

Foresmate’s plywood is meticulously crafted with an extensive understanding and profound expertise in the field of construction. It serves as an exceptional choice for a wide range of applications, boasting unparalleled quality, reliability, and accountability at its core. The Foresmate plywood panel stands out as a resilient, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly building material that excels in flooring, intermediate floor structures, wall sheathing, and roofing projects. Moreover, Foresmate birch plywood proves to be the perfect solution for formwork systems and concrete castings in civil engineering endeavors such as bridges.

Due to their exceptional combination of rigidity and lightweight, Foresmate birch and spruce plywood are highly suitable for industrial prefabrication operations. Foresmate plywood offers consistent strength for both wood and hybrid construction, effectively managing humidity levels and air quality through the natural moisture buffering properties of wood as well as its low thermal conductivity.

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We help our customers make responsible choices. All Foresmate plywood products are sustainable, durable, and safe, with certifications from independent organisations. The material is renewable because responsibly managed forests always plant more trees than they cut down. Foresmate plywood is manufactured in Europe according to the highest sustainability standards.

Find the appropriate Foresmate plywood product for walls, roofing, interiors, formworks, and casting in industrial-scale construction projects.

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  • Wall
  • Roof
  • Interiors
  • Formwork

Engineered strength using industrial plywood flooring.

Easy to install. Foresmate plywood is a long-lasting structural panel used for a variety of industrial flooring applications, including stages, spectator stands, playgrounds, and sports centres. Contractors are certain that our extensive selection of thicknesses, coatings, and features will provide the best panels for any on-site application.

Foresmate plywood, made from responsibly sourced hardwood, has a high strength-to-weight ratio, allowing it to handle heavy loads while providing great support in industrial applications.


Elevating industrial wall panelling with plywood

Foresmate spruce plywood offers high durability and stiffness for hidden structures and wind barriers in external walls and partition wall panelling.This material’s performance and versatility make it ideal for industrial construction projects that prioritise sustainability.

Foresmate spruce plywood is lightweight and portable, but sturdy enough for load-bearing constructions.Foresmate plywood offers a variety of panel sizes and overlay options, making installation simple and rapid.

Plywood roofing panels keep you covered

Plywood roofing panels keep you covered

Light yet robust spruce plywood is an excellent choice for load-bearing constructions like roofs, where beauty is secondary. Foresmate-Spruce can also be left visible, usually in situations with less focus on appearance, such as garages or storage areas.

Our Foresmate-Roof is specifically designed for load-bearing roofing substructures. This unique spruce plywood is an excellent base for mounting roof cladding since it has a consistent construction, a high load capacity, and less bending with time. Its unsanded surface increases product friction, which improves installation safety. Both surfaces are also treated with a biocide to protect the panels during construction. vast panel sizes allow you to cover a vast area rapidly.

Beauty and health come together in plywood interiors.

Beauty and health come together in plywood interiors.

Where easy beauty, unusual visual impacts, and natural features that support healthy living are valued, plywood excels as a material of choice. Its panels provide an even foundation for a variety of overlays, making it an adaptable material for interior lining applications.

Plywood’s exceptional surface qualities–strength, durability, acoustic and thermal insulation features, and aesthetic appeal–make it a versatile and long-lasting solution for constructing attractive and useful interior spaces.

Formwork and casting

Formwork and casting

Wall formwork casting and civil engineering projects require plywood with high strength and load bearing capabilities. Foresmate-Form plywood panels have all of the necessary attributes, including excellent technical properties and a variety of coatings designed to meet specific casting requirements. Foresmate-Form plywood panels excel in formwork systems because to their strength, consistency of performance, and dimensional stability.

Spruce-core panels are lightweight and easy to work with. Birch-based panels deliver exceptional performance in tough castings. Pre-calculated design tables make it easier to select the best product for each project. Our environmentally and economically aware consumers love the fact that the same panel can be reused more than 100 times!