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Different Grade Birch Veneer of Birch Plywood Sheet

B birch veneer

B Garde Birch Veneer

A light colour that is uniform and free of plugs or open splits. Only a few pin knots and minor colour variations are allowed.

Birch veneer

BB Garde Birch Veneer

Colours are usually consistent, but stains and variances are allowed. Only a fixed amount of plugs, splits, and pin knots are authorised.

Birch veneer

C Garde Birch Veneer

typically contains knots, faults, filler, and splits, and even when they are filled, the aesthetic is still impacted.

Birch veneer

CP Garde Veneer

inconsistent colour from mineral stains, breaks and fractures, larger knots, and so forth.

Birch veneer

WG Garde Veneer

Less consistent colour, more common faults (knots, stains, and so on), and an endless number of plugs.