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C/CP birch plywood

Size 2440*1220/1250*2500/1525*1525/1525*3050mm
Thickness 3-40mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.2mm
Surface Treatment Polished/Non-Polished
Core 100% birch
Density 660-730kg/m3
Moisture Content 6-10%
Water Absorption ≤10%
Face/Back C/CP
Glue emission level E0, P2, WBP,
Payment Terms T/T or L/C
Delivery Time Within 15days
On all of our plywood sheet, we provide a comprehensive cutting and edging service. If you want your sheets trimmed to size,please send us a message


High quality Grade C/CP Birch Plywood – 4×8 Full Birch Ply Descirption

Face and back are one piece. Face and back grade veneers provide an unlimited number of sound knots, split repairs, and patches. The panel is made for laminating and is sound on both sides.
C/CP birch plywood, a premium variety of multi-ply panels with exceptional physical and mechanical qualities, is widely utilized in the building, packaging, furniture, and automobile production industries.

Patches, visible knots, and minor veneer breaks are permitted. Small core voids and veneer lap are acceptable. The panel would be utilized for structural purposes and is not sanded.The panel is a good choice for a wide range of end uses where quality is crucial due to its smooth surface, constant thickness, and durability.

The grade of birch plywood is C.
Open flaws in the wood’s structure and processing flaws are permitted without sanding.
For applications in construction where face grade is not crucial, such as packing

100% C/CP birch plywood that has been sanded on both faces is strong, long-lasting, and simple to use. Birch veneers measuring 1.5 mm thick make up plywood. In manufacturing, waterproof glue (WBP) is utilized. The adjacent plies’ grain directions are perpendicular. Grade III plywood wear face quality (up to 4 mm thick black knots, knot fixes).

Grade: CP No restriction on coloration
No cap on the number of repair plugs
Repairs with putty or filling larger flaws

Patches are possible in Baltic birch, even the finest grade. Even while they may appear terrible at first, they are actually fixing an ugly problem that you would rather not have, such knots or discolouration. Because patches are color-matched, they can blend in as seamlessly as possible with their surroundings.

cp faced birch plywood

C/CP birch plywood Quality features

improved joinery
Improved Strength and Stability and Screw Holding
Face Veneer that is Thicker and of Reasonable Quality
Pretty appearance
Excellent for laser engraving and cutting More Decorative Projects with Paper Back Veneer


The requirements were created with interior cabinets in the marine sector in mind.
furniture, cabinets, and toys
Interiors of luxury motorhomes and caravans
interior wall and ceiling cladding
kitchens and store interiors

C/CP birch plywood sheet


There are a few key approaches to enhance sourcing, production, and manufacturing to produce C/CP birch plywood that is more environmentally responsible and sustainable.
FSC Certified: Ensure that the plywood’s wood source is entirely FSC Certified. Don’t be fooled by the FSC Mix label because this product contains uncertified wood that is sourced sustainably.
Low VOC emissions; if possible, source C/CP birch plywood without formaldehyde. As a result, the environment will be exposed to less toxicity and volatile organic compound emissions.

Local wood is always preferable if you can find it. As a result, there will be significant reductions in global transportation-related carbon emissions.
If you want to paint your plywood, choose an eco-friendly paint to reduce your impact on the environment.

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