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B/B birch plywood

Size 2440*1220/1250*2500/1525*1525/1525*3050mm
Thickness 3-40mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.2mm
Surface Treatment Polished/Non-Polished
Core 100% birch
Density 660-730kg/m3
Moisture Content 6-10%
Water Absorption ≤10%
Face/Back B/B
Glue emission level E0, P2, WBP,
Payment Terms T/T or L/C
Delivery Time Within 15days
On all of our plywood sheet, we provide a comprehensive cutting and edging service. If you want your sheets trimmed to size,please send us a message


B/B Birch Plywood – Premium Grade Wood Panels for Quality Construction Projects

B/B birch plywood is of high quality; it is a strong, easily worked material that comes in a range of sizes and grades. Birch plywood can be used for a wide range of things, including interior and exterior construction, transportation, packaging, furniture, joinery, and many other things.

There are many grades of Baltic birch plywood that indicate the degree of perfection, despite the fact that it is often more consistent and less prone to voids. Grade B/B Baltic Birch is the highest quality. This is written as Face/Back grade, with each letter designating a particular collection of flaws. B/B Baltic birch plywood will have an egg-sized or smaller color-matched patches on the back and a face that has a light, continuously uniform color without flaws.This grade board’s core plies will all be made of single, solid pieces of birch veneer.

The Baltic birch grade is perfect for cabinets or other pieces of furniture that will have an exposed finish (such as those that will be stained rather than painted or covered in a finishing veneer). More flaws are tolerated in lower grades of Baltic birch plywood, including knots, unrestricted areas, and minor splits at the lowest level.

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Depending on the thickness needed, veneer sheets are adhered together to create B/B birch plywood. The disposition of the wood grains in adjacent veneer sheets might be perpendicular or lop-sided (where the wood grains are along one side). Depending on thickness, there are 3 to 23 veneer sheets.

Both faces of the primary commercial or utility grade, Grade B/B, which permits patches and other knots/imperfections. Suitable for all general operations, including CNC machining or other applications where face grade is not crucial. However, good-quality BB grade boards might be acceptable for furniture and clear finishing! Construction options include long grain and cross grain.

Quality features

Readily available in large quantities, primarily in a rotary cut
Excellent stiffness, wear resistance, strength, and impact resistance
a sturdy and smooth surface
fine, uniform texture
Friendly to paint and stains

B/B birch plywood Application

BB birch plywood for furniture

one of the woods used to make plywood most frequently in the globe. Birch veneer, which is one of our best sellers, is used for doors, furniture, and paneling in addition to normal sheets of plywood. available in a range of grades and thicknesses. Birch plywood in a few sizes is also available prefinished with a hard UV-cured top coat. Regional selection may differ.


If you care about the environment, you might be interested in learning how plywood affects the environment. Well, it’s quite easy! One of the greenest building materials is plywood. We’ll examine a material’s use cases, production process, and disposal procedures in order to determine whether it is or is not ecologically friendly.

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