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BB/C birch plywood

Size 2440*1220/1250*2500/1525*1525/1525*3050mm
Thickness 3-40mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.2mm
Surface Treatment Polished/Non-Polished
Core 100% birch
Density 660-730kg/m3
Moisture Content 6-10%
Water Absorption ≤10%
Face/Back BB/C
Glue emission level E0, P2, WBP,
Payment Terms T/T or L/C
Delivery Time Within 15days
On all of our plywood sheet, we provide a comprehensive cutting and edging service. If you want your sheets trimmed to size,please send us a message


BB/C birch plywood 1220×2440 top quality Full Birch Plywood Descirption

The best birch wood veneers are used to make the plywood being offered. For enhanced strength, the layers are bonded together so that adjacent plies have their grain running perpendicular to one another. The thickness of the BB/C birch plywood determines the number of parallel plies. Birch veneer is joined together using the urea-formaldehyde adhesive resin , whose formaldehyde emission satisfies E1 class standards. Classes in glue Formaldehyde emission standards for E1 are met by bonds made with urea-formaldehyde resin.

Grades B:

The best plywood for painting, sanded, without discolouration or exterior flaws. High-quality plywood that has been sanded, varnished, and painted, with only slight trimming and healthy knots. CP – Sanded, greater flaws, inserted correctly, more flaws than in the class, standard quality plywood BB C – Uncut, holes and knots, lowest grade plywood GOST 3916.1-96 criteria are met. The outer veneer alone is affected by the quality grades mentioned above; the plywood’s strength criteria are unaffected.

Grade BB

Compared to B grade, this grade permits greater knots and repairs to the face. These must be sound, smooth knots that are normally less than 50mm in diameter. Wooden plugs can be used to fix open knots. The material ought to be appropriate for uses when the appearance is not very important.

Grade C

Although this grade of plywood is’structurally’ sound, surface flaws are permitted. Splits, discoloration, and open knots are a few examples of these flaws. Due to these flaws, the material can be used in applications that require plywood’s strength but don’t care about aesthetics. Kitronik does not offer plywood of the C grade.

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BB/C birch plywood Quality features

BB/C birch plywood is ideal for a variety of applications thanks to its superior physical and mechanical properties.
It also has a lovely and exquisite texture, and the ease of fast mounting provides it the advantage of being chosen for a variety of applications.
BB/C birch plywood used for outdoor purposes is highly water resistant, which justifies using it to level floors and ceilings.
Whole sheets of veneer sheet obtained from high-end, reliable, and fine-grain wood make up its external and internal layers.
Additionally strong, waterproof, and durable, BB/C birch plywood has been shown to maintain stability through a variety of environmental and chemical conditions.


BB/C birch plywood is a sturdy, dense, and durable material with a fine grained grain structure that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as sign making, precision and modular flooring, jigsaw puzzles, exhibitions, shop fitting, and vehicle bodies.
BB/C birch plywood is not resistant to bio-deterioration when wet, despite the adhesive bond in the product having a strong resistance to loss of strength over time, even in outdoor environments. A waterproof seal needs to be properly cared for and maintained in order to provide lengthy service under outdoor circumstances.


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A class B type of wood is plywood. As a result, it has undergone treatment and is no longer a 100 percent natural product.
Plywood needs to be separated from other types of wood in order to be recycled efficiently. After being separated, it can be shred and packed for future use.

However, due to strength limitations and a less effective recycling procedure, plywood’s secondary uses are constrained. This usually entails burning leftover plywood for energy or dumping it in a landfill.
You must take plywood that you have at home to your local recycling facility and place it in the wood waste section if you wish to recycle it. The plywood cannot be disposed of with your other green waste because your local authority will not pick it up. Look at this page about recycling wood in more detail.

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