Full birch plywood

Full Birch Baltic plywood The term “sheets” refers generally to plywood from Russia and the adjacent Baltic states (such as Finland), rather than a particular variety of birch. The quality can vary, just like with any product made of natural wood. Baltic birch plywood, on the other hand, is typically thought to be of a higher caliber than regular birch plywood.
Simply put, Baltic Birch plywood has no softwood or filler plies in the middle and is composed entirely of birch plies. Additionally, the plies themselves are typically much thinner, allowing for more plies to be used for a given thickness and resulting in increased stiffness and stability.
Birchwood is a light-colored, cream-colored hardwood. Our birch plywood is made from real birch wood veneers that are bonded together in layers to produce a sturdy piece of birch plywood that combines the usual qualities of plywood with the appearance of birch.
However, birch plywood shows to be a wonderful material as an adaptable sheet with usage in a multiplicity of applications such as signage or building. Birchwood is known for being a key material in the production of furniture such as tables and chairs.
Birch plywood sheets provide excellent candidates for staining and lacquering because they are a hardwood, particularly when employed in the creation and building of furniture.
Since all of our plywood may be cut, numerous designs and finishes are possible. Birch plywood comes in thinner sheets that are lighter and easier to handle, making them easier to work with, cut, route, and assemble.
A heavier project can be stabilized and strengthened with our larger birch plywood sheets, such our 18mm birch plywood, thanks to their excellent load-bearing capabilities. All of our plywood sheets are available in a wide range of thicknesses and may be customized to your specifications in terms of size and shape.

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