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How To Make Water Resistant Plywood?

How To Make water resistant plywood?

Marine board is another name for water resistant plywood. It is weather resistant and uses Tyre glue sourced from Finland. It can be cooked for 72 hours without causing the adhesive to crack or the layer to separate. The board core is made from good beech wood, and the surface is B grade. Vacuum and pressure drying are used in the manufacturing process.

Paulownia Marine grade plywood - water resistant plywood

Water resistant plywood technology

  1. Selection of Raw Materials and Treatment: Logs are carefully selected and treated to prepare them for the veneer production process.
  2. Veneer Finishing: The logs are processed to create thin veneers by sawing, peeling, or slicing. These veneers are typically quite thin and uniform in thickness.
  3. Gluing: The veneers are coated with adhesive, and this adhesive is crucial for ensuring the layers adhere strongly to one another.
  4. Paving Group Blank: The veneers are arranged and stacked together to form the Water Resistant Plywood panel. The arrangement typically involves alternating the direction of the grain to enhance stability.
  5. Pre-Press Molding: The stacked veneers are subjected to pre-pressing to remove air pockets and ensure uniform bonding between the layers.
  6. Spray Paint: The term “spray paint” here likely refers to the application of adhesive or paint coatings as part of the finishing process.
  7. Hot Pressing: The stacked veneers are subjected to high temperature and pressure in a hot press. This step activates the adhesive, bonding the layers together to create a solid Water Resistant Plywood panel.
  8. Shaping: The plywood panels are trimmed and cut to the desired dimensions and shapes.
  9. Final Coating: A final coat of paint or finish may be applied to the plywood for protection and aesthetic purposes.
okoume marine plywood

Overall, the Foresmate’s manufacturing process you described ensures the production of high-quality marine plywood with desirable properties such as resistance to warping, delamination, and deformation, making it suitable for marine, outdoor, and demanding construction applications.

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