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  • The Art of Wood 

    The Art of Wood  The underlying human urge for artistic expression mirrors our life’ reliance on the trees around us. However, the relationship between wood and art extends beyond this shared affinity. Art can be displayed on wood… The Granville Centre for the Arts is a non-profit organisation managed entirely by volunteers that is dedicated to creating a dynamic, accessible, and welcoming atmosphere for artistic expression. In a nutshell, The Granville Centre was founded on kindness and a desire to share art with the community. It’s no surprise that the walls of such a facility are covered in PureBond, a product manufactured by a company dedicated to “sharing the success.” The original cinderblock walls of the center’s structure were a cold and unappealing backdrop for art when it was donated! To address this issue, founder Ryan McGuire contacted Columbia Forest Products. The walls are now covered in PureBond, a breath of fresh air that complements […]

  • What are the advantages of laser cut plywood?

    What are the advantages of laser cut plywood? Laser cut plywood offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications in woodworking, prototyping, and manufacturing. Here are the key advantages of using laser cut plywood: In summary, laser cut plywood offers precision, versatility, customization, and efficiency advantages that make […]

  • Is MDF or plywood wood for laser engraving?

    Is MDF or plywood wood for laser engraving? Both MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and plywood are suitable materials for laser engraving, and each has its advantages and considerations. The choice between MDF and plywood for laser engraving depends on your specific needs and preferences. MDF for Laser Engraving: MDF is a popular choice for laser […]

  • How does laser wood engraving work?

    How does laser wood engraving work? Laser wood engraving is a precise and versatile process that uses a focused laser beam to etch designs, patterns, text, or images onto the surface of wood. This technology allows for highly detailed and intricate engravings with consistent results. Here’s how laser wood engraving works: Foresmate’s Laser wood engraving […]

  • What are the advantages of laser cutting wood?

    What are the advantages of laser cutting wood?

    What are the advantages of laser cutting wood? Laser cutting wood is a highly precise and versatile method that offers several advantages for various applications. Whether you’re working on intricate art pieces or precision engineering parts, laser cutting wood can provide numerous benefits: While laser cutting wood offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to note that […]