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What are the Best Uses for Marine Plywood?

What are the Best Uses for Marine Plywood?

Marine grade plywood is produced with a waterproof binder, making it an excellent choice for building products that will come into touch with water on a regular basis. However, because marine plywood is thicker and is held together with a specially developed adhesive, it is more expensive than standard plywood. We’ve highlighted a few projects that require marine plywood to achieve a superb finished product to assist you make sensible investments that balance quality and budget.

1. Boats

Because boats spend the majority of their lives underwater, marine plywood is an excellent material for boat construction. Marine plywood is totally watertight when properly sealed, and its resilience protects against damage and leakage. It’s also malleable, which makes it easier to work with when constructing the hull or other curved regions.

2. Marine Docks

Marine plywood is a low-maintenance dock material. You can use alternative waterproof-treated wood, but you’ll have to sand and treat it every year to keep its integrity. Marine plywood, on the other hand, can be left untreated for years while resisting rot and warping.

3. Toilets

Without the proper wood, your bathroom, being the wettest area in the house, would breed rot, warping and mould. Using marine grade plywood assures that you won’t have to repair your flooring, siding or backsplash anytime soon, whether there’s a washbasin or toilet overflow or just regular dampness from the shower.

4. Kitchens

The kitchen, after the bathroom, has the greatest moisture of any area in your house. Cooking steam and water can deteriorate lower-quality wood over time. Using marine plywood for your flooring, backsplash, or cabinets can help to keep your kitchen looking new while protecting it from the ravages of frequent wetness.

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