Fancy plywood

Fancy plywood, often referred to as decorative plywood, fancy board, or composite decorative board, is built of expensive tree species, cut veneer, and imported matt paper in a range of colors on top of plywood, fiberboard, or particleboard as the basis material. It is typically embellished with lovely hardwood veneers including as cherry, beech, walnut, pine, red oak, ash, white oak, birch, maple, teak, and more. Fancy plywood is widely used in woodworking, cabinet manufacturing, and interior design in Morocco. Using a fine wood surface, fancy plywood combines the mechanical benefits of plywood with the aesthetic appeal of fine wood at a lower cost.Realistic texture, homogeneous density, minor thickness mistake, smooth surface, pollution resistance, and aging resistance are some of its qualities. It can be used to make internal walls, cylinders, wall skirts, decorative surfaces, and furniture.
More expensive than regular commercial plywood is fancy plywood. Fancy/back veneer, also known as outer veneer, typically costs two to six times as much as regular hardwood/back veneer (such as red hardwood veneer, Okoume veneer, red Canarium veneer, poplar paste) Face, pine veneer, etc.). Most customers simply need single-sided plywood to cover fancy veneers in order to reduce expenses, while the other plywood must cover regular hardwood veneers.
An attractive hardwood veneer, such as American Red Oak, American White Oak, Indonesian White Ash, Indonesian Javanese Teak, Indonesian Mahogany, Indonesian Mindi, and Engineered Veneer, is typically used to veneer fancy veneer wood panel, also known as decorative fancy wood panel.
Where the appearance is required for an interior or piece of furniture, natural veneer wood panel is used. Therefore, the Natural Veneer Wood Panel veneers ought to be of the highest quality and have lovely wood grain. Our beautiful wood panels are well renowned for being flat and smooth. equipped with a wood panel of the highest caliber.

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