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Oak Red Plywood

Dimension 920*920mm / 1220*2440mm or as request
Can cut to 20×20/ 20×30/30×30/40×40 /50×50 etc
Thickness 1 – 40mm etc.
Core Poplar/mdf/Hardwood ( Birch,Basswood,Eucalyptus,Pine etc)
Face/Back Material Basswood/Birch/Beech/pine etc
Glue E1, E0,WBP, E1
OEM Acceptable, including CNC cutting, graphic design etc
Certification FSC, ISO9001, CE,CARB,ISO
Delivery time Within 15 days
Usage Laser Cutting, Toys, Puzzle, Wooden Arts, Wooden Crafts
Payment Terms 30%T/T in advance, 70% L/C at sight
Special Service Craft Customization , OEM ,ODM

On all of our plywood sheet, we provide a comprehensive cutting and edging service. If you want your sheets trimmed to size,please send us a message


Oak Red Plywood

Compared to others, oak red plywood is more manageable, robust, and lightweight. Making natural oil surface or dyeing treatment goods with the same hue requires unique wood grain and good surface treatment performance. oak red plywood and bark are extensively used by furniture manufacturers all over the world, and the result is distinctive.Red oak with white oak.

Native to North America, oak red plywood. Heartwood has a crimson undertone and is light to medium brown. oak red plywood is a fantastic option for cabinetry and furniture because of its reputation for being robust, strong, and reasonably priced. oak red plywood is a lovely and readily available wood for all of your home remodeling requirements.
Two oak veneer faces make up the majority of the softwood veneer core in our oak red plywood, which also occasionally contains poplar.

This product is made in North America, and like the majority of softwood plywood, it may have some voids at the edge. For this reason, the edges are normally covered. Although the term “furniture-grade plywood” isn’t generally associated with a particular grade of plywood, one face of this plywood is particularly attractive and can be treated to produce a professional-grade surface.

The faces of plywood are assessed for quality much like the rest. Our red oak plywood is graded B4, meaning the better side is grade B and the worse side is grade 4. This plywood’s backside is ranked 1–5, with 1 being the best. There are no knots or spots on the B side, which is lovely. Although it frequently has a few pin knots, some color variation, and sometimes a “football” patch, the backside is generally very attractive. Usually, you want the “4” face to be on the inside or back of a constructed object when you build your object.

Red oak wood, a type of hardwood with a reddish-brown colored grain, is often used to make oak red plywood, a form of hardwood plywood that is typically created from the northern red oak tree.

Because it is sturdy and has a stunning reddish-brown color, oak red plywood is a preferred option for many woodworking tasks. It is frequently employed in DIY projects, furniture, flooring, and cabinets.

Transport and climatic conditions may cause a small amount of warping or deformation.
Always do a test before beginning the laser cutting process, as advised. It is recommended to use high power and several passes at a high speed setting when laser cutting thick red oak plywood in order to decrease the laser dwell time and heat-affected area and minimize the burning edge.

Oak Red Plywood

Oak Red Plywood Features

  • Excellent dimensional stability and strength
  • Ideal for reducing swelling, warping, shrinking, or splitting
  • Lauan veneer is used to make the cross bands.
  • The face has excellent screw, nail, glue, and staple holding capacity; however, the
  • corners and ends of the butt do not hold mechanical fasteners as well.
  • Use for a range of case goods, including workstations, kitchen cabinets, fixtures, and fine furniture, as well as drawer sides and bottoms.
  • the surface was prepared for finishing by sanding with a 150 grit belt after using a 120 grit belt to prevent burnishing.

Oak Red Plywood


Red oak can be employed in a variety of contexts because of its aesthetic appeal, usability, and stability. It has become the standard option for hardwood flooring since it is the most widely used type in the US. Furniture, doors, architectural joinery, mouldings, veneers, and cabinets are all made of red oak. In addition to being utilized for industrial uses, this wood is also used to make railroad ties, posts, and agricultural equipment.
Contact Forest Plywood if you want to use red oak hardwood in your upcoming flooring, industrial, or woodworking project. In addition to assisting you in choosing the ideal hardwood alternative for your requirements, our knowledgeable crew also provides on-site custom milling to make your next job easier.


From sustainably managed forests, red oak plywood can be obtained. Make sure the oak used to make plywood originates from plantations or forests that are harvested sustainably. To verify appropriate forest management, look for certificates like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation.