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Bintangor Plywood

Dimension 920*920mm / 1220*2440mm or as request
Can cut to 20×20/ 20×30/30×30/40×40 /50×50 etc
Thickness 1 – 40mm etc.
Core Poplar/mdf/Hardwood ( Birch,Basswood,Eucalyptus,Pine etc)
Face/Back Material Basswood/Birch/Beech/pine etc
Glue E1, E0,WBP, E1
OEM Acceptable, including CNC cutting, graphic design etc
Certification FSC, ISO9001, CE,CARB,ISO
Delivery time Within 15 days
Usage Laser Cutting, Toys, Puzzle, Wooden Arts, Wooden Crafts
Payment Terms 30%T/T in advance, 70% L/C at sight
Special Service Craft Customization , OEM ,ODM

On all of our plywood sheet, we provide a comprehensive cutting and edging service. If you want your sheets trimmed to size,please send us a message


Bintangor Plywood

You can refer to commercial plywood with a bintangor face veneer and a poplar core as Bintangor Plywood. Additionally, you can get plywood with a hardwood core from Bintangor.Bintangor Plywood is the trade name for the red hardwood Calophyllum, which is occasionally written incorrectly as Bintangor. Bintangor veneer with rotary-cut faces feature lovely grains. Bintangor is the typical face/back veneer of plywood because of this.

Bintangor plywood’s attractive grains make it ideal for furniture construction and decoration. Typically, Bintangor veneer of the B/BB, BB/CC grade (or a similar grade) is preferred by European and US customers. B/BB, BB/CC Bintangor plywood’s face/back veneers are spotless and devoid of obvious flaws. Plywood from bintangor is a wonderful option for creating furniture and for decorating.

Red hardwoods include Bintangor Plywood. Bintangor veneer with rotary peel provides a lovely wood texture. This is the reason Bintangor is a front/back veneer for plywood that is frequently utilized.

Bintangor Plywood is ideal for building furniture and decorating because of its lovely texture. Typically, Bintangor veneer in grades B/BB, BB/CC (or comparable) is preferred by European and American buyers. B/BB and BB/CC face- and back-veneer combinations Bintangor veneer is free of imperfections and is spotless. Plywood from bintangor is a wonderful option for creating furniture and for decorating.

Bintangor Plywood

As production technology is used more frequently, Bintangor plywood is becoming well-known as high-quality Vietnamese plywood that is also very reasonably priced. Particularly because of its great durability, beauty, and range of colors and varieties, this type of plywood is valued by Asian markets.

Plywood of the type known as “bintangor” is frequently manufactured in Vietnam. Thin layers of wood are placed parallel or at a 90-degree angle and then bonded together to form plywood. Following that, a layer of pink-brown veneered Bintangor plywood is added, and according on the customer’s preferences, Bodhi or Bintangor is used to bond the rear layer. Plywood from bintangor is frequently used in the construction of boats, flooring, and furniture.

Uses for bintangor plywood include high-end furniture, high-level plywood, peeling veneer, decorative molding, joinery, flooring, light frames, sleepers, bridges, and musical instruments, among others (bintangor market quotation, bintangor manufacturers directory).

Multi-ply veneer is bonded and laminated with Bintangor plywood to create Bintangor Plywood. Bintangor Plywood has good strength, durability, and processing capabilities and is frequently used in furniture, building, cars, boats, and ships.

Bintangor Plywood Features

  • Due to the wood grain’s diagonal or twisted structure, which serves to limit the impacts of warping and warping, bintangor packing plywood has very good endurance.
  • Many picky international markets, including those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Korea, Japan, and Australia, favor dark red because of its great aesthetic appeal.
  • Due to the plentiful supply and high quality, the price is reasonable and the economic efficiency is great.
  • Widely employed and adaptable in the furniture, exterior, and boat building industries
  • Bintangor Plywood offers a high level of economic efficiency and may be used repeatedly.

Bintangor Plywood


  • Applications (deck, frame, and plank) in shipbuilding
  • Application in the manufacturing of furniture and exteriors
  • Application for creating flooring for containers


Usually, fast-growing tropical hardwood species like the bingtangor tree are used to produce the veneers for bingtangor plywood. To reduce the environmental impact, it is essential to use ethical sourcing methods and to manage forests sustainably. For the sake of preserving biodiversity, preserving the balance of the ecosystem, and preventing deforestation, it is crucial to make sure that the plywood comes from legally harvested and sustainably managed forests.