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How To Dry Plywood?

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How To Dry Plywood?

Drying method of plywood. The following is the production process of plywood, which includes the drying method of veneer or veneer, let us take a look.

1. The production process, the choice of veneer should be the best, and the surface is clean without scars

2. Bleaching and dyeing, according to the customer’s requirements to dye what kind of color, put the leather in a cage and boil it in a pool of boiling water
3. After taking out the sample, enter the instrument and pass it out of the pool after passing the test
4. After drying on the dryer, the glue machine is used, and the glue is passed.

5. Place plywood on the case.

6. Press it into plywood using the hot press.

7. Using a sawing machine, cut to the size specified by the buyer.

laboratory - plywood production line How To Dry Plywood?

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