Film faced plywood

Film-faced plywood is a type of veneer plywood that has been covered with phenolic film and WBP adhesive, increasing its durability and making it resistant to moisture, UV rays, and corrosive chemicals.Film-faced plywood is excellent for formwork and will maintain its shape no matter how the humidity changes. Its film face offers many treatments, including a smooth finish with wire mesh anti-slip, and is appropriate for use in both internal and external applications.great-quality finishing and a great resistance to corrosion and moisture characterize film-faced plywood.
Exterior plywood with a film face is used in construction and building projects. In comparison to regular plywood, it has a unique film coating made of phenol or melamine on one or both of its surfaces. This coating increases the plywood’s resistance to moisture, abrasion, chemical deterioration, and fungal attack. It is strong and recyclable due to its robust phenolic surface and premium outer veneers. Formply has been treated to be waterproof, and it typically can endure a test in boiling water for more than 72 hours without cracking. This plywood is not intended to be painted; instead, it is used primarily as formwork for concrete. It is coated with either a plastic or phenolic paper and is made to “let go” of the concrete; as a result, no matter how you prepare it, if you paint it, it will also let go of the coating.
Film Faced Birch Plywood is a premium plywood that has been coated with resin and is covered with paper that, when produced, transforms into a protective film. This renders the surface impervious to moisture, abrasion, chemicals, fungi, and mold. Film Faced Plywood, in contrast to conventional plywood, is resistant to concrete and is hence frequently used in panel formwork. The surface of film-faced plywood might be smooth or mesh. Acrylic paint that is water-dispersible is used to seal the edges. widely utilized in the manufacture of vehicles and the construction industries. simple to attach and use.

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