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9mm birch plywood

Dimension 920*920mm / 1220*2440mm or as request
Can cut to 20×20/ 20×30/30×30/40×40 /50×50 etc
Thickness 1 – 40mm etc.
Core Poplar/mdf/Hardwood ( Birch,Basswood,Eucalyptus,Pine etc)
Face/Back Material Basswood/Birch/Beech/pine etc
Glue E1, E0,WBP, E1
OEM Acceptable, including CNC cutting, graphic design etc
Certification FSC, ISO9001, CE,CARB,ISO
Delivery time Within 15 days
Usage Laser Cutting, Toys, Puzzle, Wooden Arts, Wooden Crafts
Payment Terms 30%T/T in advance, 70% L/C at sight
Special Service Craft Customization , OEM ,ODM

On all of our plywood sheet, we provide a comprehensive cutting and edging service. If you want your sheets trimmed to size,please send us a message


9mm Birch Plywood Sheets 8×4 laser plywood – Made to FORESMATE

Everyone has heard of plywood, a material that is frequently utilized, but you might be curious as to how these well-known wood sheets are created. The process of making 9mm birch plywood sheet involves taking thin veneers of wood, such as birch, and cross-graining them to form numerous layers. A plywood sheet is made by pressing the layers together and applying glue. These engineered wood sheets may be birch plywood cut to size and come in a variety of different thicknesses.

Customers can choose from a variety of plywood sheets that are offered in full boards and plywood that can be trimmed to size. More Birch Plywood Cut to Size is processed by us than any other type. To better meet the demands of your projects, we provide a selection of thicknesses for both our plywood sheet and birch plywood cut alternatives.

Our laser 9mm birch plywood has an B-WG grade finish, which means that the sheet has been finely sanded on both sides. Please be aware that colors may appear differently on different displays. To get precise color swatches, you can buy sample swatch packs. See the materials list for example swatches.

BB-BB 9mm Birch Plywood 2440 x 1200

Our laser 9mm birch plywoods are made with laser cutting in mind specifically. Our “Veneer, Poplar Core Ply” features an b – wg grade hardwood veneer on either side of a poplar core for clean, quick cutting that maximizes your cut speed and thickness. On simple machines with little power, this ply is simply cut.

Our “Veneer, birch core ply” is one of our most well-liked products, providing structurally strong this veneer ply, for structural goods and huge thin signage that will not bow warp or bend. All of our plywood products are made with formaldehyde-free glue and adhesives.

The business offers a wide variety of plywood products, many of which are designed for use in exterior applications and construction. These plywoods are produced using various glue and resin kinds that could be challenging to cut, lengthening your cutting time, increasing the risk of laser cutting flame, and charring the edges. They could potentially be produced using adhesive that contains formaldehyde. When you use our laser ply, your laser cut will be faster, safer, and have a lighter cut edge color.

9mm Birch Plywood Quality features

  • We obtain a fine laser cut with a clear edge that is distortion-free and free of chips or lint.
  • The best arrangements, and the most minute details and patterns.
  • When compared to other cutting techniques, thin plywood may be sliced at a significantly faster rate.
  • Employing a laser beam to apply a picture to any goods. The contrast and clarity of the engraving on the plywood allow for various levels of burning intensity.

9mm birch plywood laser plywood sheet


9mm birch plywood has several uses in building, interior design, and the creation of promotional items and varied designs thanks to its qualities. In order to achieve the beauty of natural wood, decorative plywood is employed as a furniture material. The outer layers of these sheets are made of the purest veneer.


As a responsible business owner, or even if you’re a crafter who works with laser cutters and 3D printers at home, you’re definitely already considering ways to cut down on both the number of materials lost and the expense of operating your machinery. While it’s important to be able to manage your money and avoid going overboard, there are likely other factors to take into account when estimating prices. People who have never used them may wonder whether laser cutters and 3D printers are likewise environmentally beneficial, and you may be considering the cost to the environment as well.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, we also provide free samples for you to check the quality.