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A producer’s obligation for a product is extended to the post-consumer phase of the product’s life cycle under the Extended Producer obligation (EPR) environmental policy approach. The following traits define an EPR policy:

  1. the transfer of accountability (financially and/or physically; entirely or partly) upstream from municipalities to producers; and
  2. providing incentives to manufacturers so they build their products with the environment in mind.

EPR aims to incorporate signals pertaining to the environmental features of products and industrial processes across the product cycle, whereas other policy instruments often focus on a particular point in the chain.

  • France EPR
  • Germany EPR

This document certifies that shanghai techlon, registered in China under the national

identification number 91310117MAC0RP08XW, has been added to the ADEME register.


shanghai techlon, as a producer of packaging filled with goods, made an application for

registration to the Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Foundation Central Agency

Packaging Register – ZSVR) on 01.01.2024 providing the information including the declarations

under section 9 (2) of the Act Governing the Placing on the Market, Collection and High-Quality

Recovery of Packaging (Verpackungsgesetz – VerpackG) as contained in the annex to this notice.

The ZSVR is responsible for deciding on the application for registration (section 26 (1) no. 1


In accordance with the application, the ZSVR has registered shanghai techlon as a producer

of packaging filled with goods (section 26 (1) no. 1 in conjunction with section 9 (1)-(3) VerpackG).

The registration number in line with section 9 (3) VerpackG is indicated in this notice.

No charge is levied for this notice.


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