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1.5mm birch plywood

Dimension 920*920mm / 1220*2440mm or as request
Can cut to 20×20/ 20×30/30×30/40×40 /50×50 etc
Thickness 1 – 40mm etc.
Core Poplar/mdf/Hardwood ( Birch,Basswood,Eucalyptus,Pine etc)
Face/Back Material Basswood/Birch/Beech/pine etc
Glue E1, E0,WBP, E1
OEM Acceptable, including CNC cutting, graphic design etc
Certification FSC, ISO9001, CE,CARB,ISO
Delivery time Within 15 days
Usage Laser Cutting, Toys, Puzzle, Wooden Arts, Wooden Crafts
Payment Terms 30%T/T in advance, 70% L/C at sight
Special Service Craft Customization , OEM ,ODM

On all of our plywood sheet, we provide a comprehensive cutting and edging service. If you want your sheets trimmed to size,please send us a message


1.5mm Birch Plywood Sheet Price – 1mm to 40mm – Foresmate

High-quality 1.5mm birch plywood made specifically for the laser cutting and die-making industries is known as laser plywood. Birch plywood is renowned for its technical capabilities in the industry. Panels may not be covered, or they may be coated with clear varnish or protective coatings.

Birch veneer is used to manufacture all of the laser plywood. To prevent voids from forming inside the plywood, the inner veneers are sorted according to a set of criteria. Wood plugs may be present in the surface veneers; the typical grades are BB/BB or BB/CP.

Many different industries employ laser cutting, but the creation of cutting dies is where it is most widely used. 1.5mm birch plywood is used as a platform to keep the knives of the die cutting board in the correct position.
Die sets made of 1.5mm birch plywood are frequently used in the packaging and printing industries due to their longevity, flatness, and holding power. 1.5mm Birch plywood is regarded as the ideal material for the creation of dies since it can endure hundreds of thousands of die-cutting operations.

1.5mm Birch Plywood
Birch plywood is a strong and adaptable material with a wide range of uses. It is a fantastic material choice for flooring, furniture, and building due to its strength, stability, and durability. Birch plywood is still a top choice for people looking for a durable and dependable material despite its high cost and challenging application.

In conclusion, 1.5mm birch plywood is unique since it is created from a hardwood renowned for its durability and strength. It is a versatile material that may be used for flooring, furniture, and building due to its strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to warping, and resistance to twisting.

Film faced birch plywood, hexa flooring, plywood slats, plywood grades, and Baltic birch plywood are just a few of the uses for birch plywood. Birch plywood is still a common option for people looking for a dependable and durable material, despite being more expensive and challenging to work with than other varieties of plywood.

1.5mm Birch Plywood Quality features

  • a firm, light, and smooth surface.
  • superior strength to weight ratio.
  • Possibility of customization based on your requirements.
  • With rigorous standards, a wide range of sizes and thicknesses are accessible.
  • Since wood is a living substance, each panel is distinct. As a result, not all variances in color, tone, graining, or knots can be accurately captured in an image or sample piece.
  • To the specifications of the specifier, shapes, profiles, and drillings can be machined.1.5 birch plywood sheet laser plywood


  • Laser cutting
  • CNC routing
  • Die cutting
  • Toy making
  • Furniture Manufacture
  • Die cutting plates
  • Indoor applications that require a colourless glue line


Plywood’s constituent parts, wood and glues, are what determine its sustainability. Making use of wood helps the environment since trees absorb carbon and slow down global warming. However, plywood lacks a carbon offset value and is not biodegradable due to synthetic glues. Some glues also release harmful fumes.

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