Prefinished Birch plywood

A UV-curable resin is applied on plywood of the type called UV Birch. Using UV light, this resin is then quickly cured.
While still giving plywood durability and surface protection from scratches, stains, and other types of damage, the transparent appearance of UV coating brings out the warmth and true beauty of wood veneers. It is a popular option for both commercial and residential applications because it is very simple to maintain and clean.
Plywood finish with a clear, long-lasting top coating that adds robustness and resists chips and scratches. In essence, UV coating is a substance that is applied to wet wood and quickly cured by ultraviolet radiation.Wood is coated with a variety of various types of substances. It is anticipated that UV polished surfaces will lower volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.There are various sheen levels (or gloss levels), including UV50, UV40, and UV30.UV plywood is a prefinished hardwood plywood panel with a transparent, long-lasting top layer that adds hardness and protects the plywood against scratches, chips, and the effects of solvent wash down.
Due to its durability, stability, and affordability, UV Birch plywood is the perfect material for cabinetry and millwork applications. It is ideal for bigger projects because it comes in 4×8 sheet sizes. Birch plywood has a smooth, flat surface that is great for painting and staining because it is also free of voids. Your cabinetry project will survive for years to come thanks to its strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it simple to install and move around.

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