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Birch Furniture Grade Plywood

Birch Furniture Grade Plywood

There is a huge difference in the number of indicators of plywood: from the size of knots to the number of natural colors and whether there are machining defects. Foresmate’s current product standards guide divides all materials into 11 standard grades, of which there are four main birch furniture grade. Grade marks consist of letters and slash symbols, such as “B/BB”. The first number indicates the material grade of the product on the front, while the second number indicates the material grade on the back.

Each grade of birch ply sheet product has its own application area, of course, the final choice is in the hands of the consumer, and this also depends on many other factors. From our point of view, customers provide the application scenarios and quality and size requirements that need to be used, and we will do our best to provide customers with detailed recommendations and suggestions in order to choose the right product for the specific requirements. Foresmate Group has the best quality and the cheapest price, if you are not satisfied with the price can consult our customer service, we can adjust the production process to create the ideal price for you. If you have any questions about Foresmate’s birch wood plywood, please call us.

B (I) Grade

Grade B (I) is the highest quality specification of Foresmate plywood today. Product color uniform, smooth surface, almost no knots. This category is very suitable for furniture, children’s toys, all kinds of interior accessory production.

BB (II) Grade

BB (II) birch furniture grade surface is allowed to have no more than 8 patches per square meter, and the surface color of the plywood is uniform. The notable difference from the previous one is that there are patches, and the material is roughly the same.

CP (III) Grade

Grade CP (III) can be visually distinguished by natural healthy knots and tiny cracks on the surface of the product, and pseudonucleation may also occur. This kind of plywood is usually used for rough finishing of walls and ceilings, mainly for the production of some furniture, packaging and other products with low appearance requirements. Sometimes, this type of product is also used in the production of some products that will undergo subsequent finishing.

C (IV) Grade

The surface of Grade C (IV) plywood is allowed to have unlimited natural color change, knot holes (up to 40mm) and cracks (up to 10mm). This grade is suitable for rustic and American pastoral interiors.

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